Orbai chair Zabala Bear watching at Zabola Estate

Bear watching at Zabola Estate

Orbai chair Zabala Castelul Mikes, Zăbala, Jud. Covasna

…we built a hut for humans to see the bears in their natural habitat.
The Carpathians in Romania give home to over 45% of Europe's bear population. Over the centuries Transylvanian people lived with the bear in a certain balance.

Nowadays the bear is still very much there, he uses The Wild Carpathians as his habitat. We created an access where we can take part in moments of his life.
We are upkeeping two different Bear Watchings, one in Zabola directly connected to the castle park and one in Bükszád, one hour-drive away from Zabola.

The bear watching program lasts about 3-4 hours, it costs 120 euro/2 pax, any additional person is charged with 15 euro (up to 9 people). Transport, camp fire and drinks included.

Bear watching
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