Kezdi chair Moacsa Big Cellar

Big Cellar

Kezdi chair Moacsa Moacșa, Jud. Covasna

Before leaving, he made an enormous cellar inside the mountain, and hid all his treasures, that he could not take away here. Following this myth, the locals were long looking for the giant’s treasure. Today, the Óriáspince-peak is the symbol of togetherness for the Hungarians of Háromszék. In 2006, the World Assembly of Hungarians of Háromszék was held here, and every year the Székely Vágta, the qualifying round of Magyar Vágta is organised here as well.

At the top of the Eresztevény attached to Maksa, to east off the road is the tomb of Gábor Áron, the cannon molder. Northwest from here is the Óriáspince-peak, the name of which presumably derives from the Bronze Age stone-chambered graves discovered here decades ago. According to Balázs Orbán, there was a folk legend, which said, that once a giant lived here, who could go to the castle of Bálványos in Torja and the castle of Borosnyó with just a few steps. But however big the giant was, he had to leave, when the people arrived, since tis land was given to them.

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