Orbai chair Zabala Roman Catholic Church Zăbala

Roman Catholic Church Zăbala

Orbai chair Zabala Zăbala, nr. 474., jud. Covasna

The settlement appears in documents in 1466, but it can be assumed that it was established at the end of the 12th century. It is conceivable that the first church could have been smaller, in the Romanesque style. 14–15. The castle church, which still stands today, was built in the 19th century. Sometime in the second half of the 16th century, most of the inhabitants of the village converted to the reformed faith, and the church was also taken. The family of Count Mikes, who remained in the Roman faith, patronized the local Catholics: most of the Franciscan friends were active at their court, and in 1730 they also built a chapel in the same place. This late Renaissance shrine was later placed in the Szekler National Museum. From an ecclesiastical point of view, the local Catholic community belonged to the Imeni parish from the second half of the 16th century.

A new church was built in 1860, partly because of the unusable condition of the courtyard chapel and partly because of the increase in the number of Catholics. The current church was consecrated in 1862, built on land donated by Count Benedek Mikes, with donations from the count's family, the Transylvanian bishops Haynald and Fogarasy, and the local faithful of Páva and Kovasna. It was extended in 1990. The parish building was also a donation from the Mikes family and was rebuilt between 1984 and 1990. From 1922, it became an independent parish again. Count János Mikes, Bishop of Szombathely (1876–1945), was born in Zabala.

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