Orbai chair Zabala The Count Mikes Stud Farm

The Count Mikes Stud Farm

Orbai chair Zabala Castelul Mikes, Zăbala 527190, Jud. Covasna

Learn how to ride or join a horseback tour on the Estate. The Count Mikes Stud Farm awaits its visitors to enhance body and mind with a replenishing ride.
The horse stud existed since the late 17th century since Mihály MIKES.
As a curiosity the Empress Elisabeth of Russia brought 28 Transylvanian horses in 1758 in order to create a stud in St. Petersburg.
During WW I. in 1917 the horses were moved for protection towards today's Austrian border. Count Ármin MIKES had his horses racing in Vienna in 1918 with the family colours yellow and red.
In 2018 English thoroughbred and Szekler mares where bought and are being crossbred with Arabs to re-establish the former renowned breed.

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