Sepsi chair Saint George The Hunting Exhibition of Szeklerland

The Hunting Exhibition of Szeklerland

Sepsi chair Saint George Piața Libertății, nr. 7, Sfântu Gheorghe, Jud. Covasna

The Hunting Exhibition of Szeklerland awaits its visitors in one of the most beautiful historic buildings in Saint George, called the Bene-House. It was in the first quarter of the 20th century, in 1914, and completely renovated in 2013.

The Exhibition was declared by The International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) a protected institution, thus ensuring full international recognition to Szeklerland’s wildlife management and hunting culture.

Significant part of the exhibition was donated by Sárkány Árpád, representing part of the legacy of Sárkány Árpád, Sr. and Sárkány Árpád’s private collection. In addition, Szeklerland hunters donated and displayed trophies and hunting items.

The Hunting Exhibition of Szeklerland is intended to serve the traditions related to hunting in this area and to promote the amazing biodiversity of the Carpathian bend. It commemorates great hunters of Szeklerland. Illustrated by nearly 300 trophies and objects related to hunting, the Exhibition demonstrates true richness of flora and fauna in this region, as well as specific features of the local hunting culture. In addition, there are many old photos displayed that recall memories of famous personalities and past hunts.

The exhibition was designed using modern technology in a way that meets the highest standards. The collection is divided to several thematic sections.

The Carpathian bend diorama illustrates wildlife species that may be hunted, big as in real life, along with the presentation of their habitat. Several significant trophies which were included in various exhibitions in the world, and which occupy prestigious places of the world rankings, are also displayed here.

In the Africa rooms visitors can learn about more than 30 species of the black continent and enjoy the diorama which reveals the wildlife of the savanna, life-size.

The life-sized molded bear cave is unique in the world, visitors can startle a bear preparing for hibernation here. The cave entrance hall presents behavioral aspects of this species and displays bear bones excavated from caves.

The virtual hunting area offers many opportunities for entertainment both for children and adults who visit the Exhibition.

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